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Monday, March 10, 2008

The Best Part of Homeschooling

My son can put on his sleeveless Oshkosh shirt, his cut off blue jeans, his brown church belt, his Buzz lightyear socks, and his Striderite shoes, and go to a friend's house thinking he looks "cool".

This picture is from last summer, but my son still has no knowledge of the lastest styles and brand names, and neither do his friends.

When we arrived that day, Drew said, "Look at my socks," and his friend said, "cool," and they ran off to dress up in Toy Story costumes.

That is the message I want to send to my child. "Be yourself and choose friends who accept you as you are."

Here are more thoughts about homeschooling and socialization.


Dana said...

How daughter comes up with some unique outfits from her wardrobe. I wonder sometimes how much that would change if she were in school. You just can't experiment so much there. Nor really be yourself.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Look like something my Gasinator would do.

Amy said...

I love this post.
I also am a "homeschool" mom.
My boys are in the tenth and seventh grades.
One of my favorite memories of school with my youngest was watching him write his spelling words while wearing his Superman pajamas and a red cape.:)
That was "normal" to him, and I loved it.:)
You have a great blog.
Very encouraging!

Blueberry said...

You have a lovely blog! Your children are precious and I enjoyed the pictures. I look forward to visiting again when I have more time.


Sister P said...

Cute post! I found you on the Black Home School something site (I don't go there much). But I am a HUGE fan of blogs and saw the post about 'where are the homeschooling blogs' and I found yours. I blog about homeschooling every so often, it's not dedicated to it. I'll be back!

Mom Guide said...

I love you blog. It is inspiring for both me and my son.

He also gets creative...One day we learned math while wearing everything backwards.

Redd said...

i liked ur post! :)