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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Every Little Soul Must Shine!

My children's new favorite song is Mr. Rabbit:

Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit, your ears are too long.
Yes, my friend they're put on wrong.
Every little soul must shine, shine, shine.
Every little soul must shine, shine, shine.

I can't help but smile when I hear it. It is a constant reminder of why we homeschool.

Last year, I asked some online friends, "What did you learn in school that you never used?"

Among the expected responses of "quadratic equations" and "5 paragraph essays," one response stood out. One mother said she learned to blend in, to go with the flow, and to avoid drawing attention to herself. She said,

"I learned to become invisible."

Who could deny that her statement was true?

Isn't that what people are asking when they say, "What will you do about socialization?" Don't they really mean, "How will you make sure your children lose their individuality and become desperate to blend in and disappear?"

After all, isn't that what schools really do when they sort children, grade them and stand silent while they are teased and bullied.

When I was a new homeschooler, I was obssessed with finding the right homeschooling method, and the best curriculum. Now those are the least of my concerns.

For me, homeschooling goes far beyond academics to protecting the very core of my children. It is about making sure they don't become invisible. It is about making sure their little souls feel free to shine.


Ginger said...

Yes, yes, yes and AMEN!

Anonymous said...

Amen! And that pic just makes me smile. So cute! :)

Jane said...

I love the way you put this! One of the biggest joys of our homeschool journey has been watching my kids be the people they are, free from the forced conformity of school. They are free to be the best of themselves.