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Monday, May 12, 2008

A Very Happy Mother's Day!

James did a nice job of spoiling me for Mother's Day. Instead of a single gift or dinner, we spent 3 days out on the town.

Thursday, we took the kids to our semi-annual Scholastic Warehouse Sale. Twice per year, Scholastic opens its warehouse to teachers and homeschoolers, offering books and activity kits at half-price. Follow this link to find a sale in your area.

On Friday and Saturday, my mom stayed with the kids while we went to our annual Home School Book Fair. I'll fill you in on our purchases in coming days.

Both events are great ways to add books to a home library, and you can usually save money by volunteering at the events. Scholastic rewards volunteers with free books, and home school book fairs generally reward volunteers with free admission.

I don't know why the Scholastic cashier felt the need to mention volunteer opportunities to my husband. I'd much rather help our nation by spending our "economic stimulus" check.


Kysha said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

AutumnLeavz said...

Happy Mother's Day!
Thanks so much for sharing about the Scholastic warehouse sale. I can't wait for ours coming up soon! I've already warned my husband! ;)

AutumnLeavz said...

The scholastic warehouse sale was wonderful! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR PASSING THIS ON! Loved it! Got a whole stack of books for $40...thought it was going to be closer to $75 or $100! So happy!