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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We're Charlotte Mason Rejects!

Last week, I sent out a newsletter about backyard habitats.

Saturday, we found a bunny nibbling the grass in our yard. Andrew thinks he scrambled through the hole under one of our gates. My husband said that reminded him that he needs to fill the hole - ASAP.

Then yesterday, I found this little beauty in our yard.

I told Andrew to go get it and he refused. He has a thing about birds.

So I brought it in and showed him the little bits of cotton and string and duct tape that were woven in with the twigs. I even pointed out a little piece of ribbon that is exactly the same type of ribbon we use to wrap gifts.

I just thought it was so neat that a little bird brained animal could do such a thing. God is so awesome!

I shared that with Andrew and he said, "Um... Okay..." with absolutely no enthusiasm. So I told him we'd wait and look at the nest when Jazzy woke up from her nap.

Then James came home from work and warned the kids not to touch the nest or they could catch a disease. And I gave up. We're just not nature lovers.

I won't even "go there" and tell you about our butterfly garden. Okay, I guess I'll tell you, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.


Kysha said...

God is so amazing, isn't he? We were thinking the same when the boys discovered a nest in our front yard. Just amazing!

Just Jen said...

don't touch it for fear of
I use to get a nest every year and put it in my room and always kept until it fell apart. now every spring my boys go hunting to do the same! Just wash your hands more often.
Our local hs group is doing a charlotte mason nature walk every two weeks and we can't participate because of allergies. I guess we aren't nature lovers either...LOL
Love your blog too!

Inspired Writing Research said...

Hi Carletta - I loved your butterfly story. We just made a frog pool in the garden! Feel free to read my short stories tips for kids!