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Monday, August 11, 2008

More Homeschool Discounts!!!

'Tis the season when office supply stores are hosting their Teacher Appreciation Sales. As a home educator, you can participate in these events and receive homeschool discounts on books and supplies. Check out these websites to find information about sales near you:

Office Depot


I couldn't find the details of Office Max' Educator Appreciation Event on its website, but you can find dates and times of the sale near you by calling 1-877-OFFICEMAX.

Also stay on the lookout for events at Barnes and Noble and Borders, who will likely host their Educator Savings Weeks sometime during the next few months.
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SiftedHeart said...

Hi, I not sure how I found your site but I sure do love it. Thanks for sharing your homeschooling/work at home mom tips. You have been a great blessing to me. Looking forward to reading more.

Kysha said...

Office Max has a great teacher special when they give out goody bags for us while we shop the sale. It's usually in July every year.:)