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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our Week In Review - Lapbooks!

We finally got around to starting our school year.

I like to start off with one or two main subjects and gradually transition to our complete program. I don't think it's fair to the children (or their teacher) when we make an abrupt switch from leisurely days at the pool to a full academic schedule.

This week, Andrew started Sequential Spelling and Abeka Grade 2 Arithmetic. He's really enjoying both subjects. Jasmine is finishing up books E and F in the Rod and Staff A-B-C Series, writing her name, and learning to blend C-V-C words.

Isaiah uses the time we spend schooling to think of new ways to lower the market value of our home.

We also had time this week to finish our Olympic lapbooks. We had to take a break back in August due to a family tragedy, but this morning we read about China and added a few facts to our file folder. This weekend we'll finish reading A Grain of Rice.

The lapbooks were a fun way to get my children interested in the Olympics, and teach them a bit of history and geography. Lap books are an easy to store record of our family's activities, and they serve as proof to our principal that we're actually doing something.

Thanks to Homeschool Share, the lapbooks were easy to plan and create. The only thing I'd do differently next time is print the flap books on colored card stock, and wait until the end of the project to add them to the file folder.

In October, we're planning to do this free Presidential Election Lap Book. If you're new to lapbooking, you can find more information about lapbooks on Jimmie's Lapbooking Squidoo.

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Melanie said...

Thank you so much for sharing my lapbook link with your readers! It always means a lot to have one's work appreciated. I hope your family enjoys working with the lapbook and learns a lot!


Shanna said...

We did this lapbook too! It was a lot of fun!