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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sequential Spelling

This year, my 7 year old is using Sequential Spelling, and we are both loving it.

Instead of having children memorize a list of random words, the program teaches children to spell by having them learn patterns of the English language.

Every morning, I give Andrew a spelling test. I read a word and use the word in a sentence. He writes the word on his paper as he thinks it is spelled. I then write the correct spelling on a small dry erase board, and he corrects his paper as needed. Then, I give him another word to spell.

We are 5 days into the program, and my son is already spelling words like "inner" "begin" and "winning." I am surprised at how many words Andrew spells correctly on his first try. It took him a few days to get used to writing so many words in a single sitting, but he now moves through the lessons fairly quickly.

Sequential Spelling requires no prep time and it is self-correcting. Every page contains a motivational saying like, "Mistakes are opportunities to learn!" My son can be a bit of a perfectionist, and this program has presented me with an opportunity to work on his attitude about making mistakes while learning.

The only problem we've had with the program so far, is that my son gets distracted by the sentences. When I say, "Tree. Did George Washington cut down the cherry tree?" He starts thinking about the George Washington instead of thinking about spelling the word tree. You just gotta love that 7 year old attention span!

Here are some additional reviews of Sequential Spelling. You can win free books by telling others about your favorite products by entering my Homeschool Curriculum Review Contest.
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Kaber said...

I used Sequential Spelling with my boys due to their dylsexia- I read is was really good for kids with dyslexia. It was very good! I'm glad we found it.
I'm sure you'll have great success with it!

Robin's Reports said...

I'm in our 2nd year using SS and we love it. My eldest tried other methods but like you said, the randomness was hard for a non-natural speller. Word families helps him tremendously.

I am not starting it with my 2nd child.

Btw, I gave you an award a few days ago on my blog. Computer was acting up so I'm not sure if you can the notice or not.

Robin of FL (from the forums)

Carletta said...

Thanks, Robin! I'm off to post it on my blog.

Renee said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! I haven't used this program yet but I'm definitely going to check this out. Have a wonderful weekend.


Sherry said...

The spelling sounds wonderful! :D

Quinne said...

Hi Carletta :) What a pretty name! Thanks for stopping by. I have enjoyed visiting with you here and had never heard of SS before. Thanks for sharing about it.

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend! Blessings, Q

Kristie said...

This program sounds wonderful. I am going to look into it for my son. I'd never used a "real" spelling program with him, and last year he came to me and asked to learn spelling. He is actually doing very well with spelling this year.