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Friday, October 17, 2008

Autistic Child Spends 3 Hours in School Time-Out Room

Here's a good reason to homeschool your special needs child.

Experts Question Benefit of School Time-Out Room

A quote from the article:
"David Wilkerson, superintendent of the Waukee school district, declined to speak about the accusations because of the pending lawsuit. But he said time-out rooms are a 'pretty common practice' and that the district complies with the state's guidelines for such rooms."
I'm glad found out that such rooms are common practice. I'll add that to the list of reasons we homeschool.
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Brenda said...

We had one where I taught but it was mostly used to store extra textbooks UNTIL they took away pops. Now, I don't want my kid popped, but neither do I want my kid in a school where pops are not an option b/c let me tell you...when we moved to only using that time-out room and not giving pops? Control of the student body was totally lost. We had so many kids in the office all the time there wasn't any more place to put them for time out so they had to start sending them to tough teacher's rooms for time-out (teachers who wouldn't cater to them and would make sure they did their work during time out). When our school still popped the number of students who were in the office on any given day was very small. I cannot tell you how much instructional time is lost by kids sitting in time out in the office. Even though most kids DIDN'T get popped, it's like they knew it was an option and they behaved better. Once it was out the door--so was the good behavior.

I don't know--but disciplining special ed kids is a whole other matter.

Luke said...

One of my other blogging friends completely agrees with you. She pulled her autistic son out of the school system because he was being mistreated in much the same manner.

It's crazy that this is considered acceptable...


Naomi Rebecca said...

I worked as a support staff to elementary special needs kids... I was sent around to different schools in our district. I saw this and worse. :(