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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas - Uncut

Today, I'm going to bravely reveal another Christmas truth. There's a marked difference between Christmas in blogland and Christmas in real life.

Christmas photos in blogland looks like this:

Christmas photos in real life looks like this:

Or, after a little threatening, like this:

The scene at J.C. Penney's Portrait Studio was even worse. Toddlers... It's a good thing they're so cute.
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Adrienne said...

That's why I believe in digital cameras! ;) :p My dad took 120 pics in September and we got 12 great ones... On the day after Thanksgiving he took close to 50 and we got three great ones and 4-5 good candids.

I used to hate taking pictures growing up because it was all film and it was such a CHORE to get everyone smiling that we were all crying by the end. LOL.

Did you get any good ones out of the bunch or are you re-shooting tomorrow?

Carletta said...

The photographer at J.C. Penney got a good one for the Christmas cards. I didn't see my toddler smile once, but she somehow caught one where he actually looks happy.

I've given up on getting a good one with my camera. Hopefully I'll get some nice candids Christmas morning.

Your dad must be patient. I can't imagine taking 50 photos, much less 120, LOL!

Beverly said...

That is so true and so funny! It is hard to get a good photo.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

very cute, Carletta!