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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stereotypes, anyone?

I find it funny that a librarian of a "very large public library" asked the following question in a School Library Journal advice column:
"What do I tell homeschooling parents who object to us having books on certain topics, such as human reproduction...?" (emphasis added)
If that isn't enough to make you chuckle, the response was even more funny:
"Let those parents know that you're thrilled they use your library for their children's educational needs. Then, explain that the library's mission is to serve the learning and recreational reading needs of the entire community. Most public and many private schools teach human reproduction in science and health classes. And many parents turn to the library for materials to help them engage in good conversations about sex and sexuality with their children. The library is all about giving people choices. Although homeschooling parents can determine what their kids read and learn, they can't impose their views on others."
You mean, some parents talk to their children about sex? I can't pick and choose what other parents read to their children? What is happening to our society???

Apparently this woman didn't get the memo. Homeschool parents aren't only paranoid, controlling and wild about censorship, we keep our kids in the know about reproduction by getting pregnant annually, giving birth at home and raising farm animals.
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Luke said...



kt said...

You cracked me up w/ this one! lol

Lori said...

it does seem like it would be enough to say “parents who object” .. although i just observed this exact thing happen (and it was stunning).

Carletta said...

Lori, that WOULD be stunning. I can't imagine witnessing such a scene.

:)De said...