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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Witnessing History

Yesterday was a fun day for our family. We started it by learning about history at the King Tut exhibit at a local art museum. We ended it by watching Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s I Have a Dream speech, then watching President Obama take the oath of office.

We talked about the importance of having a vision that's larger than yourself and being willing to work towards something that you may not live to see. We also talked about the great change that has happened in this country since my parents and grandparents were children. I love living in a country where great change is possible. I love knowing that great change can happen again!

There was one member of our family who was not impressed with my history lesson:

He found a comfy spot on the couch, covered his face with a pillow and promptly went to sleep!

So much for making history interesting.

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1 comment:

Stack said...

I think it's possible that is the cutest pillow I've ever seen...looka those piddy toes...

He is getting so big!!!

We watched the inauguration too...

Sounds like your history lesson was better than mine...I lost BOTH the littler girls...

Oh well, Bean got it.