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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nature Friend

Yesterday, we received the March issue of Nature Friend magazine, and even I was excited when I caught a glimpse of the cover in our mailbox. The monthly magazine teaches children about nature from a creation perspective, and features articles, puzzles, word games, hidden pictures and reader submissions.

Our favorite part of the magazine is the You Can Draw section. In it, Nature Friend provides step by step instructions for drawing an item in nature. Children can follow the instructions, and submit their completed artwork for possible publication in a future issue.

The magazine publishes artwork from children of all ages and skill levels. It has been a huge confidence booster for my children to see how different all of the published drawings look. They know that even though we're following the same instructions, our drawings won't look alike.

Here's our favorite drawing so far:

My 8 year old's drawing is at the top, and my daughter and I worked on the one at the bottom together.

Follow this link to learn more about Nature Friend.
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Anna said...

Thank you for sharing this. I had a look at the link ad am quite impressed with the magazine, and the fact that the children can submit their own work. I also enjoyed your post on filing and organising - necessary skills when you homeschool. I was wondering whether you would like to share one of your posts on our new homeschooling website. We are going to start a page with 'blogspot of the month' and was wondering whether you would not mind submitting one. Registration is free, takes only 1 minute, and you could post a link to your blog, which I believe our members would find very useful. Let me know. The website is
I am Anna from Weybridge in the Uk and also one of the website admninistrators. Hope to hear from you soon!