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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Step Away from the Text Book

Yesterday I went to my bi-annual dentist appointment. Andrew sat in the corner and read a book about Alexander Graham Bell, Isaiah sat on my lap and ate cookies, and Jasmine stood next to me on her tiptoes, peering into my mouth, asking question after question.

"Mom, what is she doing?" (Polishing my teeth.)
"Why are there holes on your tongue?" (Those would be taste buds, dear.)
"Why is there a little bit of red in your mouth?" (We'll talk later about how the hygienist needs to improve her technique.)

During that 1 hour appointment, Jazzy learned everything she needed to know about plaque, cavities, and tooth/gum care. No health curricula necessary.

There are many such products out on the market which aren't necessary if you are one of the many moms who actually talk their children.

Why buy a text on nutrition when you can walk right over to your pantry and show your child how to read labels? Why buy a phys ed curriculum when you can go run around at the park? Why buy a text on community helpers when you can take a tour of a local fire department? (Besides, what school aged child doesn't know what a fire fighter does? Can we say, "busy work"?)

I am glad there are so many choices currently available for homeschoolers. However, I also feel for those parents who feel overwhelmed by those choices, and are crumbling under the weight of public school programs and teaching techniques.

As our options for curricula continue to grow, we must encourage each other to maintain focus. We homeschoolers should spend time enjoying life with our children, not sitting at the kitchen table reading textbooks about it.

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