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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Teacher Caught Yelling at Kids

Why homeschool?

Because I would seriously hurt someone who dared call my child "stupid".

Check out the link: Teacher Caught Yelling at Kids


Queen to my 3 Boys said...


Nancy said...

It makes me cry to see how horrible teachers can destroy our kids- it makes me so glad to know mine our safely home with me.

Stacey said...

my 6 year old first grader was confronted at a school drinking fountain by 2 fifth graders who asked him if he was a lesbian. My son said "no" and tried to walk away but they wouldn't let him and then when he started crying they called him a baby. My son went to the school counselor and she said "the next time you hear that tell the kids "you're weird for saying that to me". Well, I was pleased with my sons answer and appauled that a school counselor would ask my son to be confrontational to 11 year olds who could follow him home or worse!

Carletta said...

Stacey, you were right to be appalled. Don't we teach our children to come to adults when they need help? And those kids were so much older than him. What was that counselor thinking?