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Monday, March 31, 2008

Celebrating Diversity

For some reason, Zay likes trying on panties from the clean clothes basket.

Thus proving my children don't need to go to public school to learn non-traditional values.


:)De said...

Morning, I found your site from Kysha's blog. I have read some of your post and like your style. Wanted to intorduce my self and just say good morning to you.

Marian said...

Hi, Carletta. I' don't think I've ever commented before. (I hopped on with you through Heart of Wisdom or Kysha or something...)
Anyway, just wanted to say that this-- especially your title-- really hit my funny bone. =)

Marian said...

Oh, and obviously he appreciates PRETTY things, and for that his furture wife will likely appreciate him!

Tiffany said...

O SERIOUSLY! Do you have to always make me literally LOL every time I visit here?!?! :-D At least he only likes them from the clean clothes huh? it could be worse ;) :D

mom2preciousgirls (from the Shed)

Ruben and/or Carolyn said...

LOVE it! I have a great picture of my then 1 year old dd#2 with underwear on her HEAD and a hat in each hand! LOL

Mobunny said...

cute, at least they were clean. i agree!!!