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Monday, March 31, 2008

Nature Study

We've been learning about animals.

We read Horse Heroes: True Stories of Amazing Horses and the All Aboard Science Reader - Ponies, and took Jasmine on a pony ride for her birthday.

Jasmine's ballet teacher is raising chicks. Last week when we went to class, we saw 85 baby chicks. Adorable!

Andrew has a thing about birds and didn't want to come near the chicks. Jasmine touched one and quickly backed away. Isaiah grabbed a chick and held on with all his might.

My attempts to take a good photo were interrupted by the need to plead, "Gentle. Don't squeeze, honey. Be Gentle!" and pry his fingers from the bird's neck. Never before have I heard such a loud "CHEEEEEP!!!"

That evening, I received an e-mail from a friend who'd found a nest of baby bunnies in her back yard. The next day, we went to her house. She dug through a pile of leaves, and there was the nest of bunnies. See those little bunny ears!

The kids took an obligatory peek, and ran off to play while I stood there oohing and ahhing, listening to my friend explain how rabbits hide their nests under fur and leaves to protect the baby bunnies from predators.

We're debunking the myth that homeschool students love nature. Charlotte Mason would be very disappointed.

1 comment:

jublke said...

I had to laugh at your description of trying to take a good photo. I spent one afternoon with my son where I made him blow bubbles over and over until I could get a photo that I liked for that day's blog entry.