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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our Little Businessman

We don't give the kids any allowance, and Pa Pa only pays $5 per month. That leaves our kids with 1 option for obtaining money - earn it!

One of the benefits of my becoming a work at home mom is the spirit of entreprenuership that has developed in our kids. Andrew has heard my husband and I discuss business matters, and he regularly helps with projects I'm working on. Back in February, he decided he wanted to start a business of his own.

I gave him some seed money for a thermos, styrafoam cups and some hot chocolate, and he loaded up his little brother's wagon and went door to door selling hot chocolate to neighbors. He made over $10 in just an hour. Not bad!

Right now we're trying to come up with business opportunities for this summer that don't involve too much work on mom's part. He's highly allergic to grass so yard work is out, and come to think of it, I don't want to do anything that involves standing outside in the Texas sun. And I don't want to help him with anything involving pets, or other people's children, or other people's homes.

Which leaves us with... hmmm... waiting on Pa Pa to visit.

Andrew is learning an important business lesson.

Good help is hard to find.

1 comment:

Mom Guide said...

My little guy is also allergic to grass. He says he is going to invent a park with "pretend" grass so he can roll down the hills like his friends.

I felt so sad for him that I made a hill out of sofa cushions and put down a green comforter. He smiled and said "Thanks Mommy for making allergies fun."