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Monday, October 27, 2008

Make it Fun Monday - Vote!

Last week, I took my children with me to the polls for early voting. They watched me sign in and vote, and we all got an "I voted!" sticker when I was finished.

This election season is like none other, and there is no better time than the present to teach your children about our nation's election process and system of government.

Talk to your children about the campaign process, the candidates for elected office, the qualifications for the positions they seek, and the responsibilities of those positions. Discuss the major issues that are at stake, and your family's views on those issues.

Make sure your children understand the historical significance of having a female vice presidential and an African-American presidential candidate. Talk to them about the history of voting rights in the United States and our duty as citizens to vote (or our duty as Christians to not vote - depending on how you feel about the matter).

Instead of shielding your children from current events, use current events to teach government and history, and pass along your values and beliefs. Here are some additional ideas for homeschooling history.
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Erika said...

My DS just worked on a merit badge in scouts and I taught the boys about our gov etc. It was alot of fun. We have gine over it in school but that was a couple of years ago. To have to teach specific things and details for this badge was very informative for me.
My kiddos have always loved going voting with us. This year we have discussed who to vote for etc. So when we go it is like they are voting to they stand there with me and watch what I do. Beforehand in the car we talk about who we are going to vote for. They love it and it is so neat to experience there excitment with them.

Crystal said...

Have you read the book "Grace for President". Carissa loves it and knows more about an election than I thought any 4 year old could.

Carletta said...

I haven't read that one, Crystal. I'll have to look for it next time we're at the library. We should know who our next president will be by then, but then again, you never know...