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Monday, November 10, 2008

Make it Fun Monday - Recording History!

History is being made right before our eyes - from Michael Phelps' record-breaking 8 gold medals during the 2008 Summer Olympics to the election of our nation's first African-American president.

Take time to discuss the significance of historical events with your children. Collect newspaper clippings and place them in a scrapbook. Have your children write about the event, and record their feelings, whether positive or negative.

Don't forget to include family history in your scrapbook. You are creating a record your family will treasure for generations to come!
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Erika said...

Great Idea. We talk about what is going on around us but I have never thought of making a scrapbook on it.

Stack said...

What a great idea. I SO need to get my kids more involved in current events...We could be building our time line.

Happy Belated Birthday...I didn't know we were so close in the year.