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Monday, April 20, 2009

5 Ways to Stay Sane During TV Turnoff Week

This week, my family is participating in National TV Turnoff Week, which means no television for us from today through Sunday, April 26th. We're hoping to reduce our addiction to the screen, and free up time to do things we value.

Here are some ways to stay sane if you decide to join us this week:

1. Go outside! - Don't just sit around staring at a blank screen, wishing you weren't missing John and Kate Plus 8. Go on a walk, a bike ride or just hang out in the back yard. Eat lunch or dinner outside for a change of pace.

2. Music - Play music instead of using the TV for background noise, or listen to books on tape. This week, my family is listening to a Jim Weiss recording of The Swiss Family Robinson. You can find audio books at your local library or download them here for free.

3. Games - Games are both entertaining and educational, and unlike television, they promote interaction and conversation. Set aside the Wii, X-Box and Leapster this week and play non-electronic games with your children. Here are some tips for playing homeschool games and choosing games for your preschooler.

4. Chores - Resist the temptation to use the TV as a babysitter so you can get things done. Work together as a family to keep your home clean and organized. If you need ideas for ways your children can help, here's a list of age appropriate chores.

5. Cook - The hour before dinner is not a great time to send your children off to watch TV. Let your kids help you chop, measure, pour, stir, set the table and tidy up before dinner. Teaching your children to cook is an investment in your future. One day they'll send you out of the kitchen so they can get dinner ready!

Have fun this week!
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