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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Homeschool Art - Don't Toss those Old Projects!

My children love drawing, painting and constructing things out of old boxes, toilet paper rolls, scraps of cloth, etc. As much as I love their creativity, I hate having to come up with places to store all of the things they create.

The last tip I received from my friend Jackie was to create huge folders for each one of my children where we can store all of the homeschool art projects the child creates throughout the year.

To make the folders, you need two pieces of poster board, a stapler and whatever materials you want to use to decorate the folder.

Place one piece of poster board on top of the other and staple the edges together on 3 sides, leaving one side open.

Have your child decorate the front of the folder, then place it under his or her bed. When your child creates a masterpiece, display it for a few days then slip it in the folder beneath the child's bed.

At the end of the year, choose the best projects and place them in a special keepsake box for that child.

This system will keep you from having to say things like, "How did this get here?" when your child catches a glimpse of one of his creations as he takes out the trash. I don't know what kind of parent would toss a child's artwork, but I've heard it happens in some homes...
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