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Friday, April 10, 2009

Homeschool Organize

As promised, here are pics of my desk. I'll admit that I don't keep it perfectly clean all of the time, but it is clean most of the time. And it is now actually functional!

As much as possible, I've designated each shelf for specific types of items. The bottom shelf contains lesson plans, workbooks and books that we're using for school this year. The shelf above that contains 2 bins for library books, notes for my completed website pages and Usborne books.

The next shelf holds board games. And the shelf above that holds bins for paints, art supplies, preschool games, math manipulatives, card games, play doh and electronic games.

There's another shelf above that one that's not visible in the photos. I use it to store things I rarely need to get to, like books I'm saving for future grades and keepsakes for each member of family.

This is my desktop:

Jackie's number one tip for keeping a desk organized is to keep everything off of the desktop except for a pen/pencil holder, and a stackable inbox. One slot on the inbox should be labeled "To Be Filed" and one should be labeled "To Do." For convenience, I broke her rule and also put our school folders on top as well.

In the organizer above, I have folders labeled Monday through Friday, so my 8 year old can pull out his work for the day, complete it and put it on my desk so I can look over it with him during school time. The organizer also has a Completed Work folder in it, where I put my son's work once I have reviewed it.

I have a file cabinet under my desk where I keep paperwork for both of my businesses. In my desk drawers are office supplies, school stuff (mini dry erase boards and markers, flashcards, etc.), and art supplies (paper, markers and crayons). The drawer with the art supplies is the only one the children are allowed to access.

Next, I'll share Jackie's tips for keeping my children's pesky - I mean - wonderful art projects from turning into clutter.
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Beverly said...

looks great! your so lucky!