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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Homeschool Schoolroom

As promised, here are some pics of our homeschool schoolroom, along with some organizing tips I learned from my friend Jackie.

Our house has a formal dining/living room in the front. When my oldest was a baby, we converted it into a playroom, and we now use it as a playroom/office/schoolroom.


The first thing Jackie said we needed was a place for everything - especially toys and books. We used to use this bookshelf for both toys and books, but I earned a shelf full of free books when I started my Usborne business, and we ran out of room. This shelf is now for books and puzzles only. Separating the toys and books has gone a long way towards keeping the books off the floor.


I moved all the toys to these 2 shelves from Ikea. These bins are inexpensive and very sturdy, and even though their labels are disappearing one by one, they've really helped the kids keep their toys organized.

We have bins for play food, Lincoln logs, wooden trains, mega blocks, dolls, toddler toys, k'nex, legos, wooden blocks, playmobile, little people, Leapster and pretend people/animals. (Just pretend like you can't see the Christmas art that's still hanging on the wall.)

Pretend Play

We keep dress up clothes, baby doll strollers, swords and other props in this big bin. It has a tendency to turn into a junk bin, so we have to sort through it periodically.

School Table

I resisted the idea of having a formal school table for some time, but this table has been great for keeping legos, playmobile and k'nex off of the floor. It also gives us a place to do art projects and play with puzzles and games, and I no longer have to cart school stuff to the kitchen table every day.

I also bought this table at Ikea. To my husband's delight, it was much cheaper than the one from Pottery Barn I had in mind.

My Desk

The last area of our schoolroom, and often the messiest, is my desk. My desk contains everything I need for my Usborne and website businesses, along with the kid's schoolbooks and supplies, arts and crafts materials and board games. In my next post, I'll share pics and strategies I've been using to keep my desk organized.
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Lynnette said...

Very cute room! Love the colors!!! :)

Beverly said...

Oh, I just love it! Thanks for sharing. I clean up our school room and then it gets all filled up again and again! I need to get rid of stuff around the house to make more room: )

Stack said...

Love looks great!!

I need your friend Jackie to come fix my school room, but I just know she'll tell me I have to throw things away and I don-wanna.

How have you been...haven't seen you on the shed in an age, probably good...but I feel like I'm losing track 'o you.

christinethecurious said...

There is nothing like conquering mess and making a good system! We are looking through the Ikea catalog right now to, with an eye to switching where our workshop and living rooms are.

Your room looks great!

Roxanne said...

Your schoolroom is so colorful and inviting!

Thanks for sharing the pictures!