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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's Never Too Early to Start Homeschooling

Teach Your Baby to Read

Baby Mozart

Beginner's Guide to Chess

Typing 101


Anonymous said...

So cute! I found your blog via BHC. Do you mind if I link you on my page under my "Bloggin' Buddies"? I always ask first because not everyone wants to be linked to just anyone. I'm the same way. If not, I'll just save you in my favs. I have really enjoying reading your blog. Great to see faces like ours who are hsing also.

Paisley Teacup said...


TobyBo said...

chess looks yummy!

Blondie said...

That's a busy little man you've got there. I love the pic of him eating the chess pieces! So cute!

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

TOO CUTE! I love the pics of your lil guy doing all that stuff! hehe

Lakisa Muhammad said...

Aborable. This post reminds me so much of my 8 month old. That's early childhood ed at it's best!

Carlee Ross said...

Too funny, I'm falling in love with your blog more and more everyday. It's real and lets me know that we can homeschool too.