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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones

Last month I completed my 12 week training period as an Usborne consultant. I joined Usborne in order to purchase some homeschool books we wanted at a discount, and ended up earning over $500 in free books.

Andrew and Jasmine helped me put labels on catalogs, stuff folders, and sort orders. They are becoming quite the entrepreneurs. Andrew has decided he wants to open his own business. He wants to buy a computer of his own so he can visit

I promised both of the kids I would buy them a kid kit, and Andrew chose the Dinosaur Excavation Kit. He read the dinosaur book, carefully remembering to subsitute the word "thousands" for "millions". Then we started digging for bones.

It's a good thing ancient dinosaur clay is non toxic!

Inside the kit was a series of questions, including one that read "What is the difference between paleontologist and archeologist? Would you like to be either?" To which Drew responded, "Well, I'm kind of into sports..." Thank you Dirk Nowitzki.

After I took this picture, I asked Drew what was up with the peace sign. He said, "I like to put a little piece of me into whatever I do." I have got to get rid of the channel ESPN.


ravengal said...

I love your dry wit, Carletta! Perhaps Drew can go into Sports Medicine.....

:)De said...

Congrats on earning your books. I wanted to thank you for some information you shared. I never thought to get online to look at the free activities offered at our local library. We would go to the library every month, but did not take part of the activities. Thanks for your post. We have found a great new past-time.