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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Usborne Convention

We got home from the Usborne convention yesterday. The kids were glad to be home so they could talk loudly again. At the hotel, we kept yelling at them to "SHHH!"

On our last day at the convention,
we took a tour of Usborne's facilities. My husband sells automation services, so this was his chance to tell us about what he does for a living. As we left the factory he said, "I could reduce their workforce by half!" What a lofty goal, dear...

On the way out of the building, we took a picture in the president's chair. I had Andrew take a picture in the chair alone so he could see himself as a president, not an employee. As I was explaining this to him later at lunch, he replied, "Mom, do you think I should play basketball or beatbox for a living?"

Good thing I still have 10 years to brainwash him.

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